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Q: Are there any known limitations to using these numbers?

None of our numbers allow texting to numbers outside of the US, Canada or the UK. Numbers based in the UK cannot receive text messages sent from outside of the UK. Some third party services do not consistently or reliably work with certain phone numbers. If you're trying to test, using Google Voice has been found to be one of the most consistently reliable services. We do not offer refunds for issues that are due to third party services being incompatible when the problem is not at our end.

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Q: How do I purchase credits?

You will need to purchase credits in order to create a NumberProxy. We accept Bitcoin and PayPal for payment. Below are the current credit packs available.

  • 3 credits = $1.99 (Bitcoin only)
  • 8 credits =$4.99 (Bitcoin only)
  • 15 credits = $7.99 (Bitcoin only)
  • 25 credits =$11.99 (Bitcoin or PayPal)
  • 100 credits = $47.96 (Bitcoin or PayPal)
  • 1000 credits = $479.60 (Bitcoin or PayPal)

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Q: Who can I contact for support?

Just drop us an email - admin@numberproxy.com

If you're rude, we'll ignore your message. If you make threats, we'll delete your account and you agree to forfeit any balance.

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Q: What Countries does NumberProxy work in?

Right now we only support USA and Canada with beta support for the UK. We have no plans to support other countries at this time.

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Q: Does NumberProxy let me make anonymous phone calls?

Many users want to know if using NumberProxy allows you to use your phone anonymously, and the answer is no. NumberProxy was created to provide user-to-user privacy, meaning that if you call or text someone your primary number is not visible to the person you are communicating with and is not easily traceable.

Full details can be found in our Terms of Service and/or Privacy policy, but these are the basics:

  • Once a number expires or you manually toss it, it's not easy for us to figure our much about you or your conversations.
  • We do keep backups of our data for 24 hours and should these records be subpoenaed, we will cooperate with law enforcement. Remember these records are all tied to your primary phone number.
  • NumberProxy is great if you are trying to protect your phone number from other people. If you are trying to protect your phone number or conversations from the police or equivalent, it's probably best to seek another solution.

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Q: When does a NumberProxy expire?

When you create a NumberProxy you have several options based on how long you need the number and how much you plan to use it. Each plan has a different configuration of duration, minutes, and messages. For example, a Short NumberProxy is good for 7 days, 20 minutes of voice, or 60 text messages.

What this means is that a Short NumberProxy will expire at the earliest of the following events:

  • 7 days after you create it
  • After you use up 20 voice minutes, or 60 text messages, or a proportional combination of the two. Please note: Each voice minute is equivalent to 3 text messages. For example if you have 20 voice minutes and 60 text messages, and send 3 text messages, you will see a new total of 19 voice minutes and 57 text messages.
  • When you toss the number

Unused minutes, messages, and duration are forfeited when the number is tossed. For example, leftover voice minutes at the end of a 30-day plan cannot be recovered if it expires.

Numbers can be recharged via the button on the Numbers page. Any additional duration or minutes purchased as an extension are additive to your current duration and minutes. (For example, if you buy a 30-day recharge for an existing number with 10 days left on it, it will result in a number that has 40 days left to go.)

When you manually toss a number, any remaining duration, minutes, or messages are forfeit.

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Q: What happens when my ProxyNumber expires?

Once your number expires, it will immediately go out of service. The call history and any messages will be securely deleted from our servers. If you need to keep your number active, you must recharge it before the expiration as once a number has expired it is gone forever.

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Q: How do I make a call from my ProxyNumber?

Placing a call is simple. Just call your own ProxyNumber from your private number. When you call your own ProxyNumber you will be prompted for your PIN number. Just enter your PIN and you will be able to make outgoing calls. Outgoing calls will have your ProxyNumber set as the caller ID.

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Q: Do I need to use my email address to signup?

We allow you to provide an Email address so that if you forget your password or get locked out of your account you can recover your login information via email. You don't need to provide an email address, but if you don't there will be no way to recover your password.

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