NumberProxy has officially ceased operations.

Here's why:

Over the past several years there has been an industry trend toward increasing regulations in telecommunications. While these regulations have attempted to cut down on fraud, we've been unfortunate collateral damage, too. We do not foresee this trend changing any time soon (and we did wait quite a while to make that call).

Bad actors used NumberProxy to commit fraud, ultimately causing our service providers to shut us off one day without warning. There were no measures they would agree to in order to re-enable our service. No amount of validation of users (which would have gone against the privacy protection many sought us out for), no amount of filtering content, no amount of spam detection, nothing would be sufficient for them. There was no guarantee or even assurance from any alternative providers that the same thing wouldn't happen. Unfortunately, for a service like ours, there will always be bad actors and the increased regulations and changing environment meant the risk presented of bad actors being present on services like ours was unacceptable to the service providers we would need to rely on to continue.

The timing of the cutoff by service providers coincided with the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the closure of schools and resulting challenging personal circumstances and constraints for all involved in this project.

NumberProxy was originally started as a side project. It found a supportive niche; but never grew to be able to support the staff that would have been required to maintain and enhance it over the long term. Many of the technologies the site was originally based on have reached their end of supported life. Even at its peak, it could not have supported the wages that would have been required for a robust human-monitored system of content monitoring, filtering, fraud detection and so on. Our competitors, many of whom we outlasted, face the same challenges and we believe it is only a matter of time until those that have not yet shuttered do so.

For those who we were able to serve, we thank you for coming along on the journey with us. Rest assured that your data has been purged, not been sold and that your privacy remains protected. We take the promises we made to you about protecting your privacy very seriously.

Kind regards,
The Management

P.S. One of the more common use cases for NumberProxy was phone number validation through two factor authentication. Unfortunately, more and more systems that do this have been looking up the type of phone numbers and blocking the VOIP phone numbers that NumberProxy used. Alternatives to VOIP such as physical burner phones are your best option now if that's the use case you had in mind. The cheaper methods that people used to suggest no longer work.